Monday, February 21, 2005

Shimon Lives!

Some time ago I wrote an entry about a possibly fictional character named Shimon. Shimon was a commenter on the Hirhurim blog who was spewing some pretty extreme views. Many doubted whether those comments were meant to be taken seriously or not. I felt that it was irrelevant whether Shimon was real or not, as the ideas expressed were fairly common in the yeshivish world. Some disputed that claim and said that if he was in fact real, he was just a crackpot that was an exception to the rule.

The issue can now be settled. R' Moshe Shternbuch, one of the most prominent rabbinic leaders in the chareidi world, has released a letter regarding the Slifkin controversy, and in his letter he expresses ideas almost identical to Shimon's. Thank you R' Shternbuch, for confirming what so many of your constituents try so earnestly to deny.

See Gil's latest for a thorough analysis of the letter. May the pain he must have endured while restraining himself from saying what he really wanted to be a kapara for all the apikorsus he has read (and written) in his life.


Gil Student said...
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Gil Student said...

Thanks ;)

Jengenis said...

good blog with mostly solid debating keep it up :)