Sunday, July 20, 2008

Role Models

You know how every time there is some new crazy tznius policy in the frum world, there are people who get all up in arms about it and compare the extremist chareidim to the Taliban? And of course, there are those who take offense at the comparison and consider it totally unfair?

For example, everyone got all worked up a few weeks ago when it was reported that some guy in Beitar had thrown acid on a teenage girl because she wasn't dressed properly (in his opinion).

Well, it turns out that the comparison is not as far off as some people would imagine. In this US News article about Afghan Warlords, there is mention of one Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, who is at the top of America's Most Wanted list. The article mentions that in his early days, Mr. Hekmatyar, "distinguished himself by throwing acid in the faces of unveiled women."


tznius-lady said...

The rav or parents should work with the girl, not the tznius police. I welcome your comments on my tznius topics.

Ezzie said...