Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gmail anyone?

I know it's only been a few days, but I've posted a number of (IMNSHO) substantive pieces already and I'm curious as to the readers feelings about what's been presented. So I'm offering up 15 gmail accounts to the commenters with the most informative feedback (not necessarily the nicest feedback) about this blog.

Do you think it's just more of the same angry yeshiva guy ranting that is found elsewhere? Does it speak to you? Are there any particular areas that you’d like to see me explore more of? What’s the quality of the writing? What’s the tone of the writing? Anything that struck you in any particular way? Is it all just incoherent rambling?

Since I need your real email address in order to send you a gmail invite, please send your comments to my email (daashedyot AT gmail.com) instead of just commenting here. (Unless you don't mind providing that info publicly.)


Mis-nagid said...

A gmail invite?? I'm holding out for one of those nifty white fedoras.

Shlomo said...

Am not interested in G mail. Thanks. Good writing BTW. I like it.

Isaac, Translate This! said...

Katle Kanye wrote "For this sort of yiddishkeit to continue it is necessary that when a young man falls out from a yeshive he takes to smoke dope and when a girl falls out she buys pants, pierces her navel and adorns her orifices with a variety of rings and sleeps with anyone. This is how we deny our children the choice to decide the way they will go when they become older. The strong person that has the devotion of patriarch Abraham to leave everything and to go wander on untrodden paths has to manage without a language to read and write, and he can barely speak normally, without any knowledge of history "where you come from" and without knowing about geography and understanding "where you go to". This is all on the outside. Inside, he wrestles to rid himself of the guilt feelings that come from knowing too well the "who you’ll stand in front of" come judgment day. Is it a wonder that those who’ve left are often held up for ridicule among Jews who look upon them with envy for leaving and with hate for leaving them behind? The rot after such an upbringing is, as Bill Gates says, not a bug only a feature, not a psul but a hidur. They program us all with a self destructive mode that starts to function as soon as one abandons the walls of synagogue which only a select few manage to defuse."

DH, I believe that what you and your cohorts are doing is important. It's a safe and constructive outlet for creativity and for very real gripes. I'm enjoying reading your different viewpoints and "tones of voice."

Best of luck!

(if you have extra GMail invites, please send it to isaacbrumer AT hotmail dot com